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Premium luxurious fabrics for men

Vesilio holds a history of curating the best traditional Italian fabrics from the oldest mills in Italy. They possess the testimony sourcing the most distinguished premium cashmere fabrics that are suitable for menswear jackets. They boast of owing a massive assortment of colour palette and design patterns. The company has its name in procuring one of the most iconic collections of ‘Monza’ fabric, which is a striking mix of wool, linen, and silk that is crease-resistant, lightweight, and suitable for every season. Sienna and Riga are two other 100% wool fabrics that come under the premium category of Vesilio that are great for jackets and coats. Apart from their massive collection of wool and mixed blends, Vesilio also showcases an extensive collection of premium cotton shirt fabrics. The company is dedicated to curating the most iconic fabrics that are woven into an extraordinary collection to suit the needs of every gentleman. Vesilio is the maven that embraces luxurious menswear fabrics that are extremely trans-seasonal and utilitarian.


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